What is an URL Shortener and why you should use it


The service we offer is a service of URL Shorterning. It’s shorten any link you provide into a clear and meaningful URL. But why should yo use it and is there any reasons to use ?

1. What really is a URL shortener ?

“URL” is an abbreviation for Uniform Resource Locator also known as a link. A URL shortener shorten any link you provide into a shorter link.

For example : https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/mar/02/highway-to-hell-review-perth-festival-pulls-off-joyous-acdc-covers-concert-for-the-ages

can be shortened to this : http://follow.link/eJzSS

as you can see it’s more easy on the eye, prettier. It’s pretty useful on social media platform, especially on twitter with the characters count limit. A shorter URL remains a best practice for content distribution across social networks and other channels.


2. It’s user-friendly

A URL shortener is also provide a easier way of remembering the link especially when the user view it on print or ads in the physical world. it’s even better for mobile user, they will be more incline to look at it. A short URL is more beautiful than a long URL, Statistics show an increase in engagement and sharing. It’s also allow you to modify the redirection, allowing you to display a new content or modify it.


3. Insights

With such shortened link you can track the output of your sharing. Monitoring effectiveness of your links is in many cases the most important aspect why you would use an URL Shortener. You can know the ammount of clicks, the location, the browser used, the device and more.

This data about your clicks is extremely helpful when it comes to analyzing the effectiveness of your content. It’s a crucial to measuring the effectiveness of your social media posts. By adding your pixel details to your link you can effectively track your users and know what your clients really think about your service or product. Why they stayed on this offer instead of the other, you will know them like the back of your hand.


4. Get more controls

Follow.link offer a lot of usefull feature witch add a lot of feature, it’s not just the average link shortener. It’s all about additionnal features witch will allow you to leverage your business or project : you will become a power user.

You can choose the name after follow.link: called alias allowing you to directly describe the content and branding the link you are shortening.

You can add an expiration to the link: so that it will automaticatly desactivate once the set date is past. You can use this feature for a limited time offer

You can password protect the link: so that it remain visible only to a limited audience.

You can geotarget the link: If you have different pages for different countries then it is possible to redirect users to that page using the same URL.

You can device target: If you have different pages for different devices (such as mobile, tablet etc) then it is possible to redirect users to that page using the same short URL. Simply choose the device and enter the URL.

you can track an event with Pixel: witch is a snippet of code you can add to your shortened link. Like other tags, it helps drive and decode key performance metrics generated by a particular platform


5. Boost social sharing

Is there anything more frustrating than writing a social media post witch is a few carracters above the limit ?

Luckily, follow.link can help you save space with your post. This allows you to squeeze in a few more words or hashtags to speak out. it’s allow to show more content for example on facebook, the “Read more” break in your Facebook posts. Typically you want to have your captions optimized in such a way that they display fully without break.


6. Bring more engagement

Haven’t you ever receveid a very long url in your email or any social media ? Yes it’s not really engaging and make you think twice before cliking on the link. A shorter link with follow.link make your viewers more confident about clicking on the link. Why spending a lot in beautiful design for ads and forget on the link of your offer ? Everything count and a shortened link on follow.link help you to achieve that : A simple, meaningfull, link.

There is more mobile device than computer all over the world. People tend to shorten their text and messaging. Whats better than a shorter and more memorable link ? People tend to stay more often on their phone, they use it everyday using follow.link link shortening service enable to stay on this trend and push forward your goal.


7. Look professional

People are used to click on shortened URL, why not use http://follow.link a meaningful link shortener. Reading an URL with our service offer a trusty and engaging link presentation. Why using strange URL shorterner name while you can use a very clear and easily memorable link ?

And whats better than a link like this one http://follow.link/hereiswhy ?

The premium offering allow you to choose the name after the http://follow.link .It’s allow a wide array of possibility by playing with the word : http://follow.link/freeofferonmybrand

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